Lefkada has sights of unique natural beauty, such as cape Lefkata, from which Aristotle Onassis island Scorpios, was named after, Dimosari Falls, the ancient city Nirikos, the castle of Saint Mavra, the historic temple of the almighty and of course the many famous beaches, such as Mikros Gialos, Egremni, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki and many more

Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Cape Lefkata

Cape Lefkata is located on the most southern part of the island, where in ancient times Apollos sanctuary was located (which according to history was founded by Lefkos, Odysseus’ partner) and was named Lefkas Petra (White Rock) or Lefkas Akra. From this, the island gained its name Lefkada. It is also named “o kavos tis kiras” (the cove of the lady). From there, according to tradition, Sapfo, an ancient poet from Lesvos commited suicide, due to heartbreak from Faonas. The lighthouse “Doukato” at Lefkada, started to operate in 1890 with petrol. During the Second World War, it remained closed and operated again in 1945 with petrol. In 1950 it was destroyed due to an earthquake and was temporarily used as an automatic torch of acetylene until 1956 when it was repaired. In 1986 the petrol machinery were replaced and began to work with electricity.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Scorpios Island

In 1963, Onasis bought Scorpios, a small island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea. It was completely abandoned, and for the island to become what it is today, it took Onassis five years to complete by planting thousands of trees and plants, building small guesthouses and transformed it into a small paradise with crystal blue waters., cypress trees, lemon trees, orange trees and oaks that almost touch the sea, flowerbeds and stone benches. A small peripheral road was built on the island so that visitors can go around with the open Morris cars. Points of spectacular view. The pier with the characteristic pebbles. A sense of calmness and tranquility. Eight acres of paradise.
Scorpios was Aristotle Onassis retreat and so nothing on the island was of “loud” or luxurious nature. Whenever Onassis daughter wanted luxuries, he would reply by saying “ If you want lights, go to Broadway”.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Dimosari Falls

Walk through the narrow paths under dense vegetation and huge rocks, and relax while hearing the cold waters making its way towards the sea. You can also choose the falls to have your coffee! Menios is expecting you everyday from 10 in the morning till 7 in the afternoon, to cool you with beverages, coffees and cold beers under the large tree.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Nirikos Ancient city

Nirikos was once the capital of Lefkada- the castle of Agia Mavra was once the capital of the island, and later became the Amaxiki where the present city of Lefkada is-was located in the northeastern part of the island. It stretched from the now day settlement of Kallogoni north to the outskrits of the village of Karioton, to the south and the palisade of Koulmou in the west, till the east coast. A part of the city was built in amphitheatric style on the sides of Koulmou and has a view of the sea and the shores of Akarnia while the rest stretched from the valley till the beach.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Agia Mavra Castle

Located in the entrance of the island, one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Greece, representing the fortification art of that era. It was built around 1300 by the Frankish ruler Ioanni Orsini, when he obtained Lefkada as dowry for his marriage to the daughter of Epirus Bishop Nikiforos A '.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Church of Pantokratoras

The Church of Pantokratoras (Almighty), another private church, belongs to descendants of the Valaoriti Family with unique value, located in the commercial center of the city of Lefkada. The paintings belong to well-known Ioanian painters. Behind the altar is the grave of the national poet Aristotelis Valaoritis, while inside more prominent Lefkadians are buried.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Mikros Gialos Beach

The crystal blue water of Mikros Gialos, which offers mooring of travel boats and the beautiful scenery, create the ideal environment for an enjoyable holiday and happy memories.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Egremni Beach

In an area with steep cliffs, in the southwestern part of the island, with a winding path, leads travelers to Egremni, the famous beach with unparalleled beauty. The wide sandy beach with thick sand, the unique view, natures scent, the blue waters of the open sea, create the ideal place to relax and take pictures.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Παραλία Κάθισμα

Η φημισμένη αυτή λευκαδίτικη ακρογιαλιά οφείλει την ονομασία της στο γεγονός ότι από εδώ μπορεί κανείς να απολαύσει τον ήλιο με τα μαγευτικά του χρώματα να δύει αργά και να... κάθεται για λίγο πριν χαθεί στη γραμμή του ορίζοντα, εκεί όπου η θάλασσα συναντά τον ουρανό.
Η απέραντη πλατιά αμμουδερή παραλία με τα γαλαζοπράσινα νερά, το ανοιχτό πέλαγος και η εκπληκτική θέα στο ηλιοβασίλεμα συνθέτουν ένα συναρπαστικό σκηνικό.
Villas in Leukada - Mikros Gialos

Παραλία Πόρτο Κατσίκι

Η μαγευτική παραλία απλώνεται στο νοτιοδυτικό τμήμα της Λευκάδας, σε μια περιοχή εξαιρετικής φυσικής ομορφιάς, όπου κυριαρχούν ο ήλιος, το ελληνικό φως, τα απόκρημνα βράχια, η άμμος, το γαλάζιο και το βαθύ μπλε της θάλασσας.
Το μοναδικό φυσικό ανάγλυφο, τα υπέροχα χρώματα, το σαγηνευτικό τοπίο στο Πόρτο Κατσίκι είναι, χωρίς καμία αμφιβολία, το κάτι άλλο της Λευκάδας!